ALIMENTOS H&H is a company dedicated to the manufacture of innovative quality food products. We develop, produce and distribute nutritionally enhanced foods specially adapted for a specific population according to their needs or nutritional deficiencies at very competitive prices.


To design, develop, manufacture and market functional, innovative and specialized foods for each market segment; in addition to constantly satisfying the needs of consumers with practicality, efficiency, quality and competitive prices.


Consolidate our position as leaders in the functional food and nutraceutical products business in Central America and the Caribbean, continuing with the global opening of new markets by 2025. To increase the profitability and productivity of the different product lines in a percentage that exceeds the expectations of our associates.



We are committed to keeping up to date with science and technology in order to develop novel, practical and functional foods.


All our operations are carried out based on ethics and morals. From our manufacturing to our customers’ consumption.

Customer service

We have trained collaborators to optimally meet the day-to-day requirements.


Our products comply 100% with the nutritional and ingredient labeling.


Communication is one of our pillars for a synchronized and efficient work, both internally and externally.


We have good manufacturing practices for all our products and processes (production, handling and distribution). Within H & H each person has a clear concept and awareness of the term “quality”.

Social Commitment

We are a company that focuses on the integral development of the country’s children, by providing food designed to satisfy their nutritional requirements and thus complement their education.

History and Evolution

For more than 15 years taking care of your health and nutrition.

Alimentos H y H, S.A. is founded in Guatemala City. Operations begin with the distribution to private and public institutions of food products such as Milk, Rice, sugar, etc.

We started working with international NGOs. We manufacture Lulu cookie and soft drink with protein sources.

We launched the first sugar-free products under the Safe & Tasty brand. This year we managed to enter supermarket chains in Guatemala with 3 products (Ketchup, Maple Original and Linafruit 400g).

The first exports to El Salvador began. The same year the brand was refreshed and became SAVORÉ.

Brand rights are purchased for manufacturing and distribution of the DEL PILAR brand.

HECAR Corporation – Owner of SEINSA, H y H, S.A. and REFASA – is incorporated.

Positioning of new products and the Savoré, Del Pilar, Milfit and VIU brands

ANHELA real estate company joins the HECAR Corporation.

Starts exporting to the USA for the E-commerce market.

Joins Corporación HECAR Proyectos e Ideas S.A. which operates franchises.

Our Brands

Our brands are known for providing healthy and quality foods.

Authorized Distributors

You can find our products in 8 countries such as: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic, Colombia and soon in the United States.

El salvador
Cota Rica


Importador y distribuidora Ocal, S.A.
Km. 17 Carretera a Masaya, 300 mts. al este,
Nindirí, Masaya. Nicaragua, CA.
Apartado: MR-061/251
PBX: (505) 2276 9400
FAX: (505) 2276 9390 / 2276 9391

Costa Rica

KPO Alpha

Calle 6 7, San José, Santa Ana
Bello Horizonte de Escazú,
Frente Condominio Bohemia.
Tel. (506) 4000 0628, (506) 2289 2742



Calle entre final Ave. Los Próceres y
Boulevard Morazán,
Edificio DROMEINTER No. 4002
P.O. Box No. 434, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

El Salvador

GRUPO JOMI S.A. DE C.V. Carretera a San Marcos, Col. América, Bo. San Jacinto, Quinta Figueroa, San Salvador, El Salvador
Tel: +503 2121 7676


HyH, S.A.

Tel. +502 2305-2110


Drogueria Saro S.A.

Ave. Justo Arosemena
y Calle 45, Edif Balboa
Planta baja, local 9
Tel. (507) 227 1677, (507) 227 5127


HyH, S.A.

Tel. +502 2305-2110

República Dominicana

 Av. Máximo Gómez No. 27, Esq. Ramón Santana, Gazcue
+ 1 (809) 682 4344
Santo Domingo, República Dominicana


HyH, S.A.

Tel. +502 2305-2110